Fire Tower cab repurposed as a mobile art space

collaboration with Dr. Michael Andreu, UF School of
Forestry + Natural Resources
n progress)


Forests, wild or cultivated, serve as powerful archetypes in our collective unconscious of “nature”. This piece functions both as pedagocial tool for students to cultivate better understanding of what constitutes nature in their every day environment and as an opportunity for me to researcn the idea of forests as farms and as “wild nature”. Currently, I am UF’s School of Forest Resources and Conservation's Artist-in-Residence. Of particular interest to me is the cab from a 1953 galvanized steel Aerometer fire tower, originally a conduit for the dissemination of information about the well being of the forest. The fire tower has the potential to become the site of creative experiments and collaborations that invite the audience to see the wonder and to wonder about our complicity in forest economies and to explore the ecosystems of Austin Cary Forest and forests in general.


The images in the windows are video stills from student projects about the forest.

various shot of forest tower mobile colab space