wall piece with portable DVD players in wooden "specimen boxes"
3 videos duration, 1:15, 3:14, 1:14


Slash and burn land clearing in Florida provides an optimal habitat for edible weeds. green lining? documents the tragedy, irony, and possible redemption of these landscapes. Rampant land development—condominiums, churches, and subdivisions—marks/mars the Florida landscape and is part of the ongoing history of the state. Before the current economic recession marked the end of the real estate boom, developers cleared land at a breathtaking pace, forest and ranch land one week, strip mall and suburban homes the next. Bulldozers, fire, and herbicide destroy entire ecosystems. Next, a road replete with a cul-de-sac is etched into the landscape, followed by hydrants and signage purposing the land into sale-able lots. With the recession, the cleared land is left to its own devices, providing a habitat for edible weeds and creating a "green lining" in light of the greater destruction.

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