Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Spring 2011


This rotating topics class explores emergent forms of new media production. Emphasis is on the creative and expressive use of technology in contemporary art. Current topics include: locative art, food technology, and wearable technology.


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Mapping Project

Florida is a state where many of the people who live here were not born here/relocated from somewhere else. This locative media project explores what constitutes “being local.” The idea of local can be metaphoric as well as geographic. In tandem to this exploration of the concept of local, students experiment with wayfinding technologies such as Google Earth, GPS and GIS as potential mediums for art making.


Wearable Technology


Food and Scent Project

  • minimal maps: dissecting google maps | greg cole | 2011

    google maps api | process | project website

  • subdivision mash-up | david franz | 2007

    google earth, after effects | larger image | process

  • a week of showers | katherine mcgonigle | 2007

    google earth | process | high-res images

  • google gene maps | lindsay knauff | 2008

    google earth, digital collage | animated map | process

  • fingerprint environment | basia nowak | 2008

    3-D and processing | process