Physical computing/HCI (Human Computer Interaction) explores how devices respond to and interact with human physical action. In this class, students will create artwork that explores physical interfaces beyond mouse/keyboard/screen interactions through the use of microcontrollers and sensors. This course introduces students to basic electronics, microcontrollers and sensors. Emphasis will be placed on the ways that the technology and interactivity relate to the content of the work. Physical computing takes a hands-on approach, which means that you spend a lot of time building circuits, soldering, writing programs, building structures to hold sensors and controls, and figuring out how best to make all of these things relate to a person's expression.


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  • adshades: visual simplification system | greg cole | 2009

    webcam, video glasses, processing | project website

  • race scanner | m. amato, g. cole, b. shepherd | 2009

    arduino, photosensors, processing | process

  • time and space | rudy wilder | 2009

    processing, videocam, arduino | video | process

  • untitled | sarah stone | 2009

    arduino, motors, toy doll | process 1 | process 2