Fall 2010


This studio intensive course will explore the potential of digital video. The emphasis will be on the conceptual and experimental, rather than conventional narrative.


To view student work for a particular topic, click on the links below and scroll through the images to the right. Roll over captions to stop scrolling.


Multi-channel Installation

Video art often defines itself in terms of how it is NOT television. One method is the "multi-channel installation", meaning a single art piece consisting of several (more or less) synchronized video streams in a room. Students investigate video as a means for creating space.


Process Over Time


Interview Project

  • untitled | natalie lessman | 2010

    video installation | video

  • wrapping | netalia shapse | 2010

    video installation | video

  • untitled | sarah dailey | 2010

    video installation | video

  • untitled | kelsey olson | 2010

    video installation